We are a client-driven, independent, creative marketing company that has combined two, (typically) incompatible realms: corporate marketing expertise and the freedom to be creative and explore endless branding possibilities. Our primary mission is to "simply make it happen." We want and will, find the optimal approach to achieve what our clients envision for his/her business.

So why is our approach different: too often, marketers assume what a client wants. They tend to rely on, "here is what I can do for you--this is what research shows." Most have to rely on research, because they have innovative barriers and boundaries. Vivid Infusion conversely, does not...

We are proud to provide our customers with over 75 years of combined business-to-business marketing knowledge, experience and expertise and unlike the circumstance(s) often found in a corporate environment--we have no limits to creativity and expressions with what we can do for our clients.

As president and founder of Vivid Infusion, I am proud to bring to my customers over 25 years of practical, hands-on marketing and public relations management experience which has included documented successes in the fields of consumer packaging, commercial printing, sports business management, industrial marketing, product manufacturing and commercial real estate, to name a few.

Vivid Infusion capitalizes on our commitment to our clients. We want them to know that it's not about us. It's about them: Their brand is our brand... period! Our company's goal is to take ideal concepts and turn them into realities: to take their dreams, their visions, their thoughts and use all necessary and possible resources to make it happen for them.

I am often asked about what's the key to success for Vivid Infusion: "It's the people we work with. We are partners with key business entities around the country who are experts in their respective marketing disciplines. I firmly believe that it's the relationships and strategic partnerships that a company has that will determine its success and quality of (resulted) work."

Vivid Infusion is here to revolutionize the creative marketing world as we know it, with bold and distinct creative innovations. We want prospective clients to know that nothing is out of their reach ...or ours.

Thomas Nagy
President and Chief Marketing Officer