President and Chief Marketing Officer, Vivid Infusion, LLC

After a distinguished career spanning 25 years as a marketing executive for premium world-class brands, Tom Nagy stepped into entrepreneurship as President and Chief Marketing Officer for Vivid Infusion - a bold, distinct, creative marketing and public relations company he founded in May 2009.

On a professional journey that began at Avery International, a Fortune 100 company, and culminated with a C level executive position with a major holdings company focused on automotive, real estate and sports management pursuits, Tom mastered the art of presentation.

From product and image development to elaborate trade show presences and exclusive events Tom's accomplishments are synonymous with style.

His passion lies with positioning both existing and emerging brands as prominent players in their respective marketplaces. Transcending traditional approaches, he engages in meaningful interactions and makes connections that lead to rewarding brand experiences.

Tom is a visionary who sparked an infusion of talented individuals to form a powerful collective dedicated to excellence. With respect for the value of relationships, Vivid Infusion exercises key partnerships coupled with state-of-the-art products and practical services to deliver dynamic, experiential marketing... amplified.

A 1982 graduate of The University of Akron, (Ohio) with a BSBA marketing degree, an avid golfer and die-hard Ohio State Buckeyes fan, Tom was born and raised in Cleveland and now resides in Jupiter, Florida with his wife Meggen, daughter Sarah and two Bichon pups: Buddy and Lucy.