Understanding and managing digital branding conversations are critical to building long-term sustainable brands and businesses. The lifetime value of a customer becomes as much about the continual maintenance of customer opinion and experience as triggering repurchase or revisit strategies. In practical terms, digital brand communication provides the opportunity to create not only new brand experiences, but also (and more importantly) to enhance reality and to β€”at last β€” generate true seamlessness. Digital branding has a key role to play in driving consumer choices, commanding product premiums and building brand loyalty β€” the primary ingredients of brand development and building brand value.

Vivid Infusion will provide quantifiable and measurable results in order for your brand to maximize the important investment you will make - into your brand! Digital Branding Communication services offered by Vivid Infusion include (but not limited to) digital content (web and email) and design, website design and development plus a full complement of social media hospitality branding solutions.

Digital Content/Design

Through Vivid Infusion, your corporate video production will be both informative and entertaining. Our capabilities will produce a very powerful marketing tool to visually demonstrate the strength and breadth of your brand products and corporate services. Our industry expertise in digital content design and production management includes: filming, editing, interactive media preparation and broadcast production from concept to project completion. Vivid Infusion will provide bold and distinct multi-media alternatives that are congruent with today's contemporary visual communication methods.

Website Design and Development

High impact web content development is the process of researching, organizing and preparing content for corporate websites. A well planned and executed website is more likely to maintain a customer's interest. The key elements of our Vivid Infusion web content development include: site architecture, copy writing, search engine optimization, flash animation and state-of-the-art creative services. Our web developers are skilled in all areas of web design and creating multi-faceted websites across various media.

Your company website is your "window to the world" when communicating relevant information to your current clients, potential consumers, target market prospects and the general media. The Vivid Infusion web design and development team will ensure that the content and subsequent navigation of your site will be well defined and created in such a way that information can be easily attained and accessible. We will work closely with you to define your website's goals and objectives.

Social Network Marketing

Social networking media sites can extend a company's web presence far beyond the limits of e-commerce, lead generation or lead generation sites. Vivid Infusion's creative marketing team believes that today's social network alternatives will transform the methods and practices that corporations meet client demands while simultaneously increasing market reach and market share. Social networking will continue to build the brand awareness of products and services by attraction rather than interruption.

Social network corporate marketers engage their clients in dialog about their products and services while simultaneously building market intelligence about their brand image. This on-line marketing vehicle can also facilitate post-sale support and dissemination, of valuable marketing and product information to consumers.

Vivid Infusion will create your networking on-line accounts, complete your corporate profiles and subsequently manage the daily information management and dissemination of network feedback.